Mankind went into space in the hope that the immensity of the cosmos builds a new man and left behind its perennial problems. However, these followed the man wherever they went. The men went warring now confronted into two antagonistic blocs: the Regulatory Corporation (or simply the Corporation) and the Union of Colonies.

The ideological difference was insurmountable, irreconcilable rivals seemed destined to fight forever for hegemony. Even the discovery of an alien race, the Elohim and the ensuing war unleashed against them failed to unite humanity.

The war, though increasingly virulent, between the Corporation, the Union of Colonies and Elohim seemed very distant to the billions of beings who were not at the forefront. Until Glorlons appeared. These beings unleashed a relentless war of extermination against anyone who tried to resist. Since then the war would not be to define a border, but existence itself.

Glorlons armies invaded a human world or elohim after another, devastating and destroying everywhere. His goal was clear: the extinction of any species that might oppose them. One system after another war spreads and only one species will survive it, others may fall into Total Extinction.


Total Extinction is a wargame set in a universe at war, in which the various species struggle to avoid annihilation. Different armies are represented by miniatures 28mm scale fighting on a table, aided special equipment and tactics to achieve victory.