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  • Glorlons

    Eons ago the Glorlons realized that his destiny was to colonize the universe. They created spacecrafts capable of traversing space and expanded beyond imagination. But in its expansion saw they were not alone, other species inhabiting the worlds intended for them. The only solution was to exterminate that species. All of them. So, one after another, the Glorlons beat all other races, annhilated every last one of its members. The Glorlons did not want that in the future nobody could dispute what they had earned. Then they discovered to mankind. As they always did, they rushed to take their worlds, but unlike other races who had been defeated easily, humans face planted. The men were divided into deadly feuds nations but that division had made them strong in war and responded with the same ferocity that Glorlons reserved for his enemies. Now they also fight for their survival.

  • Union of Colonies

    Humanity had reached the stars together under the Unified International Authority (UIA). Thousands of years of scientific and technical progress had not yet changed power relations between human beings. A few, the managers of trans-stellar companies, lived surrounded by privileges while the vast majority worked tirelessly to support the lifestyle of the powerful. Then came a point when everything exploded. In the outer colonies discontent and protest turns into revolution. In Aurora system mining colonies workers rebelled against trans-stellar companies, toppled the government of the UIA and formed their own, while all the wealth expropriated and put them at the service of the population. The UIA sent troops to suppress the movement but these were defeated or joined the rebels. The movement spread, while UIA crumbled a new power arose: the Union of Colonies.

  • Regulatory Corporation

    The states had oppressed the man for millennia. Taxes, laws, everything had been created so that humans could not develop fully, stifled by bureaucracy. Thus twelve companies (known as the "twelve founders") came together to create a new society. They got a grant of the Unified International Authority (UIA) on a planet and began to develop his utopia. In it, there was no state, every man was free to hire the services needed to any company that could provide the transportation, health, safety, etc.. All that was needed was someone to coordinate all activities and mark rules of competition: Regulatory Corporation was born. However, the Corporation was under the yoke of the UIA making out constantly hampered progress. Then the revolution came in the Outer Worlds. Half a galaxy away the farm settlers and miners rebelled, founding a totalitarian state called the Union of Colonies. The UIA, unable to suppress revolutionaries, collapsed. The chaos spread throughout the galaxy, at which time the Corporation declared its independence.

  • Elohim